Artist(s): Lacey and Layla Art (LALA)

To be Seen

Mural Routes Member(s): LALA (LALA)

“To be seen” was a project created during the 2019 BUMP mural festival of the Beltline district of Calgary, Alberta, approximately 5,000 square feet.
“This mural is a celebration of the people of inner-city Calgary, a walk-through portrait of real people from the community that contribute to the daily experience. This is an important concept to us, one we repeat often- that authentic people, coming from all backgrounds and living all walks of life deserve to be celebrated and visible. Life in our urban environments are over-saturated and over-stimulated, and therefore we try to use public art as a reminder of the importance of each and every individual, from the baker to the banker to the impoverished. We hope “To be seen” will help encourage a little more humanity, to take the time to recognize and appreciate the unique individual in those around you. We’d like to thank the Mustard Seed, The Albert Tower Seniors residence, street photographer @calgarystreets, and BUMP festival for their aid with this project.”

Artists: Lacey and Layla Art (LALA)

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 927 1 St SE, Calgary, AB, Canada Get Directions