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A shipyard is set against the pale sunset. A man in a boat carries a barrel over his shoulder. There are some men and a woman in a flapper dress standing on the dock. A sailboat is off to the side. "Spirit of a Legend" is written in bold on the top left corner.

Photo by J Spinney

Spirit of a Legend

Artist(s): Jake Siebert


Completed: 2015

As apart of Halifax’s Gritty to Pretty program, muralist Jake Siebert depicts rum-running boats in this mural.

More of Jake Siebert’s work can be found on Instagram at @talkingwall.

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 1668 Lower Water Street, Halifax, NS B3J 1S4, Canada | Get Directions

Accessibility Information: This mural is located in downtown Halifax. There's no incline to the sidewalk but it's quite narrow.

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