Photo by J Spinney
The side of a building is painted with the image of a young woman, sitting at a piano and staring wistfully at the sheet music in front of her. A man sits on the floor, studying sheet music spread out in front of him.
Artist(s): John McPartland (ABSEN)

Sound of Time

Completed: 2022

This mural was sponsored by the Gritty to Pretty program, a grant offered by the Downtown Halifax Business Commission. The space was provided by Barrington Consulting Group.

From artist John McPartland (@absenarchives) on Instagram:
“The design shows a young girl observing the creative hustle of two older people. The concept shows how the creative sparks of older people can inspire the minds of youth who will eventually grow into the people they once idolized” (August 2022).

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 1326 Barrington Street Halifax, NS B3J 1B7 Get Directions

Accessibility: This mural is located in downtown Halifax, on the side of a building. The sidewalk is paved and relatively flat.