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Floral pattern painted by Maya Hum on a Bell phone switch box

Photo by Jason Cobill


Artist(s): Maya Hum


Completed: 2021

“Racism is a pandemic too,” a statement that is unfortunately all too true. My earliest memories of stepping outside of my home include the feeling of having to diminish my “ethnicity” to fit in, to not cause trouble, to not make others uncomfortable with something unfamiliar, or to protect myself from hurtful responses. I felt I had to do this to belong and succeed. At the same time, I was expected to know my “ethnicity,” to market it so others feel more educated by my culture, often only the stereotypes. It is still like this.

As I navigate this, I can see some good intentions mixed with the bad. It is certainly not black and white. But I want change. This is how my design came to be.

Mural by Maya Hum
Commissioned by Hintonburg Community Association
Bell Phone Switch Box

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Location: 96 Fairmont Avenue, Ottawa, ON, Canada | Get Directions

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