Artist(s): Lacey and Layla Art (LALA)

Pillars of the Community

Mural Routes Member(s): LALA (LALA)

“Pillars of the Community”, Rogers Place Arena, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, 2016. Approximately 2,227 square feet (67.5 ft x 33 ft)

Pillars of the Community is a public art project that reflects the diverse culture, character and spirit of Edmonton’s inner-city community. Working together with Boyle Street Community Services- an inner-city initiative to combat homelessness and poverty- the artists photographed people from all walks of life to capture the very real essence of the Edmonton core. This project is about the honesty of urban life- the daily faces, the overlooked and the under-praised that all contribute to the vast culture of this urban wilderness. The use of colour and lines draw connections and help to highlight Edmonton’s reality – complex, urban, vibrant and yet still connected.

Artists: Lacey and Layla Art (LALA)

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 10245 105 Ave NW Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Get Directions