Artist(s): Kris Friessen

Piano In A Box

Mural Routes Member(s): Chemainus Festival of Murals Society Completed: 2020

Dimensions: Box closed: 2.44m x 1.96m wide x 1.19m (8’ x 6’5” x 3’11”). Box open: 6.05m (19’10”). Platform: 2.31m wide x 1.47m (7’7” x 4’10”)

Best Viewed: From the parking lot in front of Chemainus Public Market.

“Community Series #6: Piano In A Box”

Piano In A Box is the working title for the newest piece in the Chemainus Festival Of Murals Society’s outdoor art collection.

The mural’s unveiling was to take place at the end of March, but Covid-19 changed that, as it has with all we do these days. The unveiling was to coincide with a ‘name the mural’ contest. That too will come.

Piano in A Box is a departure from what people know as a mural, which is art painted directly on a wall or surface.
The themes of this mural, painted on the surfaces of a purpose-built box, are nature and music. The outside of the box features a lush forest scene with the music of the forest wending its way through the surroundings.

When the box is opened and the sides are outspread, viewers will see an upright grand piano, painted and blended into an underwater ocean scene. Earth’s oceans also contain their own music which is shown moving through the water. The water’s musical score mimics that of a whale’s call.

The piano was donated by Peggy Grigor of Pottery by Peggy, and Brad Grigor and Turning Point Arts. The concept was Peggy Grigor’s idea.

(Please drop by the Chemainus Visitors Centre to buy your Official Mural Guide. Proceeds from the sale go to the Chemainus Festival of Murals Society).

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 9790 Willow St., Chemainus BC. V0R1K0 Get Directions