Mural Routes Member(s): LALA (LALA)

“Passage” created for the Wall2Wall Mural Festival in downtown Winnipeg, MB in 2019. Location “The Forks” Market, 864 square feet (36’x12’ x 2 murals)

“Passage” is a diptych about time and place, place in one’s life, one’s city, and one’s heart. With this project, we wanted to paint an idea, rather than an individual, a representation of the complexity of human life, evoking a conversation on issues of loneliness, community, compassion and the challenges we each pass through in our life. This elderly figure, who has lived a life full of both trauma and triumph gazes deeply into the beauty of a prairie sunset. These tunnel walls at The Forks is the perfect location to represent the love and comfort provided by proximity to nature. We hope that viewers passing by this project will find a connection, both with their own relationship to nature and their compassion for humanity.

Artists: Lacey and Layla Art (LALA)

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: Fort Gibraltar Trail, the Forks Historical site, Winnipeg, Manitoba Get Directions