Photo by Jaqui Lee
Image of a mural painted by youth of a black road with yellow divisors going into the horizon of a blue sky and a large sun on the right. On the road sides are familiar stores. On left, the stores are labeled: IKEA, McDonald’s, Dominos and KFC. On the right: Cineplex, Hot Topic, Gucci.
Artist(s): “Paint the city” summer camp

Paint the City, 2019

Completed: 2019

A collective of murals completed by youth aged 10-13 from the “Paint the City” summer camp at Design Exchange in Toronto. Participants learned about creative placemaking and how murals animate public space to encourage community. In collaboration with Design Exchange & Para Paints. Completed in 2019.

Door 1 – Genevieve, Mandy, Cate & Ella
Door 2 – Caitlyn, Sunita, Indy & Emily
Door 3 – Grace, Hannah, Isabella, Tessa
Door 4 – Zach, Patrick, James & Qori
Door 5 – Kyanna, Daniella, Melissa

Where to Find This Mural

Location: STACKT market, Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON, Canada Get Directions