Photo by J Spinney
A red octopus is depicted in the ocean, surrounded by bubbles, coral, seashells and ocean vegetation. The mural is done in a serious of panels that are placed on the red brick wall of a local business.
Artist(s): 54 students from Maple Grove Education Centre, Danielle Mahood and Darcie Douchette

Octopus Garden

Completed: 2021

54 students from Maple Grove Education Centre, under the guidance of local artist Danielle Mahood and their art teacher Darcie Douchette, created this Octopus Garden mural in 2021. The mural was completed panel by panel by the eighth grade students. Funding was provided by the Town of Yarmouth Façade Society Mural Grant Program and the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia’s ArtsSmarts program. The artists and organizers would like to thank LG Trask Rentals for giving this wonderful collaboration a permanent home.

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 298 Main Street, Yarmouth, NS B5A 1E4 Get Directions

Accessibility: The mural is located on the wall of a business in downtown Yarmouth. The sidewalks are decently wide with slanted curbs for crosswalk accessibility.