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Photo by Vipushan Ravi

Laneway Light-Up Project – Mural by Nick Sweetman

Mural Routes Member(s): Nick Sweetman

Artist(s): Nick Sweetman

Producer: StreetARToronto

Completed: 2018

KJ Bit Collective partnered with StreetARToronto to transform this community laneway into a giant canvas of graffiti and mural art. KJ Bit organized 75 artists to paint garages in two live-paint jams. The initiatives were well supported by local residents who now enjoy their revitalized laneway. KJ Bit are Jieun June Kim and Erika James.

With this piece, Sweetman wanted to pay tribute to Rob Stewart, the Sharkwater filmmaker who passed away while making the sequel.

“I was lucky enough to watch Sharkwater Extinction at TIFF this year and found it incredibly moving – I feel inspired to help keep Rob’s legacy alive and raise awareness about sharks, who are in a very bad situation right now with finning and now many other products they are turning up in. Rob’s last dive was just off the Florida keys looking for the critically endangered and very rare sawfish, which I painted here.”

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 299 Euclid Ave, Toronto, ON M6J 2K1, Canada | Get Directions

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