Photo by Daisy Wu
Mural that depicts various aspects of Icelandic scenery and culture. To the left there are two ships sailing, a boy grabbing fish from a barrel, a large portrait of an old man, a map of the top of the globe, a view of an Icelandic city, and various characters made by Charles Thorson.
Artist(s): Dave Carty

Icelandic Mural

Completed: 1999

Mural that depicts elements of Icelandic culture. To the left there are Viking ships, seamen, Icelandic workers, and a group of ponies. It also includes a portrait of Charles Thorson, a Winnipeg born cartoonist and second generation Icelander known for designing the famous character of Bugs Bunny.

Where to Find This Mural

Location: 563 Ellice Ave Winnipeg MB R3B 3C6 Get Directions