A mural depicting a tree and large canopy in front of a setting sun. Two hands meet in front of the tree, with five figures standing to the left of the tree and eight animals of varying species stand to the right.
Note: This mural is no longer available for viewing.
Artist(s): Laura Brown, Nayeon Kim, Palwisha Nasir, Daffodil D’Souza

Hope for Harmony

Completed: 2006

Artists’ Statement: Our aim was to create an image representative of the diverse community we have here in Toronto. We wanted to communicate a message of growth, support and hope for a safer and improved Toronto – a harmonious and hopeful city in which everyone can have the opportunity to pursue their aspirations.

This mural was removed in 2008.

Where to Find This Mural

Location: 4346 Kingston Road, Scarborough, ON, Canada Get Directions