Elkhorn MB 150 Mural

This mural is part of a MB 150 project, created to celebrate the impact that rural communities have made on the province of Manitoba.
This project was spearheaded by Arts Mosaic Inc., a regional arts organization. Arts Mosaic provides arts programming for communities in the Town of Virden, and the RMs of Pipestone, Sifton and Wallace-Woodworth.
Erica and Mary Lowe were chosen to create the murals in the communities of Elkhorn, Oak Lake and Virden. This mother-daughter mural team are local, professional artists who excel at painting realism, historical imagery and creatively playing with the beauty of nature. The mural is a celebration of Isaac Clarkson. “Ike” to his hundreds of friends, had a boyhood dream of being able to collect and display for future generations some of the machines of his youth; here, the dream came true. A museum was opened in 1967 and he continued to work on the cars until his passing in 1971 at the age of 58.
Support for this mural was provided by the RM of Wallace-Woodworth and the Elkhorn and Area Foundation.

Artists: Erica and Mary Lowe

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: Trans Canada Highway, Elkhorn MB, R0M 0N0 Get Directions