Photo by Daisy Wu
A mother holds her son and a feather, and looks to the right, to see a turtle and various red and orange eagles flying away. The eagles leave behind bold red, organe and yellow stripes as they fly.
Artist(s): Peatr Thomas, Miike Valcourt

Debewewin – Truth Rising

Completed: 2021

Located on the Main Street Project building, this mural was painted in recognition of the first National Truth & Reconnciliation Day. Bright orange ribbons stretch across this mural honouring those we lost, and eagle figures represent the act of taking their spirits to peace. The turtle (miskwaadesi) is seen in between the ribbons represents the bringing of truth. To the left of the scene is a mother and child, highlighting the importance of a mothers’ protection, prayers and leadership for our children. The white outline represent the guidance of The Great Spirit. This mural acts as a reminder for us to recognize the tragedy of residential schools, missing children, survivors and the families affected.

Where to Find This Mural

Location: 75 Martha Street Winnipeg MB R3B 1A4 Get Directions