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Au fil de l’eau

Organization: MU

Mural Routes Member: Organisme MU

In keeping with the series of murals entitled Les Saisons montréalaises at the Habitations Jeanne-Mance housing project, MU has initiated another group of murals based on the four elements. Phillip Adams created this second mural of the group, with water as its central theme (the first, entitled L’air du temps, was also produced by Adams in 2012). It is located on Ontario Street, at the intersection of Hôtel-de-ville Avenue.
The mural is an ode to water, to the beauty of this natural resource, but also to its fragility. The dominance of water in the mural’s overall composition and the cityscape in the background both serve as a reminder that Montreal is an island, it is surrounded by water, and its fate is intimately linked to that of the majestic St-Laurent River. Water is at the very heart of our lives, it is fundamental to life itself. The small origami boat floats delicately, carrying with it a message of awareness about the need for preservation and responsible water use.
As part of the project, MU also offered mural arts workshops to over sixty youth residents, aged 5 to 13, in collaboration with Loisirs St-Jacques.
In addition, MU offered mosaic workshops to nearly 400 residents, helping them improve and bring life to the living environment at the Habitations Jeanne-Mance housing project by enriching the public area with decorative elements.

Location: 152 Rue Ontario E, Montréal, QC H2X 1H1, Canada | Get Directions