As Above, So Below by Daniel J. Kirk & Ivan Ostapenko

The concept of the image is derived from the function of the building, and is a visual exploration of the water cycle. The viewer is presented with a partially submerged view of an unidentified water body, and includes depictions of fishermen, polar bears, and marine life. The molecular structure of water is revealed as it flows in and through the machine. Glacial formations are seen in the background, while at the front of the scene there is a void into which the water is rushing – suggesting the known sources and often unknown destinations for water. The overall scene is intended to conjure up questions relating to water as a resource, without providing judgement or conclusion.

Artists: Daniel J. Kirk & Ivan Ostapenko

Where to Find This Mural

Location: Beacon Hill Pump House, 155 Beaconwood Road, T9H 3R5 Get Directions