Photo by Steven Twigg
Two light blue Muskoka chairs, painted with red wishbone-like shape in the middle, to give the illusion of flip-flops. White details of lighthouses, treasure, raccoons fishing, reeds, and anchors create a busy and dynamic background.
Artist(s): Steven Twigg

Appropriate Attire

Completed: September 2021
Artist’s Statement: Shaped like two flip-flops, these chairs remind us of Port Credit’s distinctly beachy vibe. The chairs are covered with small vignettes of scenes reminiscent of the city’s natural features: rivers, lakeshores, fishing, and more. There is a blue pair and a red pair that move around but normally are found at the base of the lighthouse. If they are not at the lighthouse, they are within a five-minute walk along Lakeshore – a great opportunity to stroll the local shops. I’d say the chairs didn’t just get up and walk away themselves, but, they are flip-flops so I can’t be sure.
Painted as part of the Port Credit BIA.

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 105 Lakeshore Rd W, Mississauga Get Directions