Mural Routes is dedicated to training and supporting mural artists and communities involved in mural arts through teaching, learning and sharing initiatives in mural art together.

Frequently asked questions and answers from the worldwide Mural Routes’ community.

Mural Production: A Resource Handbook, 2nd Edition
Information that we have compiled from the experience of 20 years producing community murals and holding professional development workshops.  This time-saving reference guide is available as a free PDF that you can download.
*Note: On page 21 of the handbook (page 12 of the PDF), different options for running competitions and issuing Call for Artists are provided. Mural Routes’ recommendation is to avoid requesting sketches, concept designs, or fully rendered designs in initial proposals (or submissions) unless artists are being compensated.

Mural Art Learning Institute
Course materials for Mural Routes’ MURALi workshops, including reports from past National Mural Symposia.

Mural Projects Around the World
Murals have been a form of expression throughout our globe for as long as there have been people to paint them. Here are a sampling of various mural projects and websites from around the world.

Mural Project Management
Practical advice and information to ensure a successful mural project, from start to finish.

Copyright and Contracts
Links to legal information, advice and sample documents related to the business of your mural project.

Healthy and Safety
Information to ensure artist health and a safe work-space.

Mural Conservation
Information about the maintenance of outdoor wall art.

City of Ottawa Mural Guide
An online guide from Ottawa’s Mural Program with an overview on project planning and management in Ottawa and beyond.

Lovely Spaces in Unknown Places
Creative City Building in Toronto’s Inner Suburbs – a research paper by Michael Noble (PDF).

Porch Light Mural Program Toolkit
The Porch Light program is a unique mural-based public health initiative in Philadelphia.

Community Public Art Guide
Informative and detailed online guide to making public artworks through collaboration with community, produced by Chicago Public Art Group.

Murals of Sherbrooke
Download the e-book (PDF) about murals by the Sherbrooke, Québec urban revitalization organization MURIRS. The book is featured on the website, included in its extensive database of murals from around the world.

Branding 101
ArtReach Tookit: Branding 101
In this toolkit, you will learn the basics of branding, how to develop your brand, how to create brand content, how to design your brand identity, how to compile your portfolio, and more.
Created for ArtReach and the Toronto Youth Equity Strategies Youth Arts Communication, by The Real Sun, Pauleanna Reid and Rania El Mugamma.