Mural Production: A Resource Handbook

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The often complex process of initiating, funding, designing, organizing, painting and maintaining a mural can be daunting for most anyone.  This concise, easy-to-read reference guide is filled with first hand anecdotes and discussions with time saving and practical techniques that will prove valuable to anyone involved in the mural process.  It is packed with sound advice, including legal quick tips and technical considerations, giving useful and informative “behind the scenes” insights into the various stages of involvement before, during and after the creation of the work.  Written by artists, lawyers, material technicians, organizational motivators and funding administrators, this handbook offers many years of combined experience.

Some of the features of the Mural Production: A Resource Handbook include:

  • colour photographs detailing finished work and work in progress
  • handy, easy to update 3-ring binder format
  • sample contracts
  • tips for promoting mural projects
  • mural procedure quick reference
  • safety information
  • alternative painting surfaces, and much more

From the amateur artist to the professional, from the interested wall owner to members of council, community and business associations, this handbook aims to assist in the creation of many significant murals to come.

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