Producer: Vancouver Mural Festival

A colourful abstract mural on a rectangular horizontal wall in front of a modern high rise building.

Union at 08.02.2022 (6pm)

The title of the mural reflects the time when the Westbank building casts a vertical shadow on the site, depicted by the vertical marker in the mural. The work functions as a time capsule sun-dial; an "oblique map" that orients the artwork to the sun at that exact date. In coming years, viewers can check, on the same month and day, how the spot has changed in relation to the sun and surrounding architecture.

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Colourful large scale flowers cover a black matte background on the side of a modern condo high-rise.

Vibrance Overgrown

In this mural, artist Alex Stewart seeks to break up the grey monotony of the modern cityscape by covering it with the vibrancy of nature. By introducing colourful organic shapes on a sleek, minimalist building, Stewart hopes to spark conversations around preservation of nature in urban environments.

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White lettering readings No Rain No Flowers on a pink background surrounded by blue stencil flowers and vines

No Rain No Flowers

This mural was painted by THRIVE, a collective of female, non binary, and gender fluid visual artists from around the world. The mural captures the duality of beautiful experiences, and how to embrace the difficult emotions. Without rain, there aren't any flowers, and without hard work, there aren't any rewards.

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An underwater scene featuring two mermaids, one dark skinned and one fair skinned alongside jellyfish, skulls, and other sea creatures.

Lady Mermaids

The mural depicts four distinct female mermaids in progressive stages of rest and movement. The aquatic life and sea elements are meant to show the awareness of the ocean on the Pacific Coast, as well as provide a setting of transformation. The collaboration between the artists is shown through the interactions of the mermaids on the mural, as a symbol of the female cooperation that brought this mural to life.

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A woman with brown hair is depicted on a background of colourful leaves and other organic and geometric shapes

Luxurious Dreamscape Bubble Bath

This mural was the artists first collaboration with goal of blending two distinct styles into a cohesive, hyper-stylized mural. The combination of abstraction, organic shapes, bold colours, and the human form blend the two visions into a singular vision.

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graffiti wall murals motel vancouver

Between Two Islands

A partnership between the Vancouver Mural Festival, Nicola Wealth Real Estate, and The Narrow Group to transform an iconic Vancouver motel into a temporary art space, landmark, and community event venue before the site is redeveloped. Three artists with different styles collaborated to transform the motel into a single mural stretching across the exterior of the building which now houses artist studios.

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