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Organization: MU

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This 120 linear feet mural by Carlito Dalceggio covers the four walls of the park chalet. It is a colorful tribute to the boxer Muhammad Ali.The borough’s Maison de la culture – Hors les murs program initiated the project as part of a youth-targeted cultural mediation initiative. A series of mural arts workshops were offered to fifteen youths aged 13 to 25 in collaboration with a local organization (X-ART/Parc-Extension Youth Program). The participants had exclusive meetings with the artist, designed their collective work of art and took part in the painting of the mural. From the onset, many residents, young and old, from all walks of life, wanted to contribute to the beautification of their environment and painted every day alongside the artist. The very young decorated the pavement with chalk. Phillippe Mastrocola assisted the artist throughout the completion of the mural.

The project is part of a long-term partnership with the borough Villeray-St-Michel-Parc-Extension administration, which sees mural arts as an important tool in the revitalization and beautification of the area. It’s the sixth mural with a cultural exchange theme completed in the borough by MU since 2007.

Location: 8505 Avenue de l'Épée, Montréal, QC H3N, Canada | Get Directions