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Machine consciente

Organization: MU

Mural Routes Member: Organisme MU

At first glance, this mural by Rafael Sottolichio resembles a stage set, depicting a giant motor, surrounded by actors and extras. When we take a closer look, we become aware of the richness and solidity of our human and technical potential. It reminds us that we only have to look within ourselves to find solutions to the threat of environmental issues. In fact, some of the characters – the silhouettes seen at the forefront – are urging us to take action. Community outreach is part of MU’s mission and philosophy therefore mural arts workshops were offered to more than twenty young neighborhood residents. The mural was made possible thanks to the building owner, who made considerable, but necessary renovations to the wall before it could be painted. Over 25,000 cars cross this intersection on a daily basis.

Location: 450 Rue Cherrier, Montréal, QC H2L 1G9, Canada | Get Directions