Photo by Mahjabeen Kabir
The front panel of Mahjabeen Kabir's 'Little Bangladesh' featuring a painted yellow bus which reads Toronto down the side, which rides down the painted road, which is followed by an individual painted carrying water. Beside the road, a series of flower fields is visible. The bottom of the Bell Box is painted in yellow with Bangladeshi-styled flowers.
Artist(s): Mahjabeen Kabir

Little Bangladesh

Completed: August 2017

The mural means home. It’s a depiction of an ordinary but very distinctly recognizable Bangladesh scene. The neighbourhood of Crescent Town is populated by Bangladeshis and is near the intersection that is essentially “little Bangladesh” with the culture flourishing on the streets and in businesses. I wanted to remind them a little of their old home in their new home in Toronto. And for everyone else- to brighten their day with colours and to remind them of their home and past.

Created as part of the Bell Box Mural Project (Toronto East).

Where to Find This Mural

Location: 1623 Crescent Town Rd, East York, ON M4C 2H2, Canada Get Directions