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La 6e sphère de la culture

Organization: MU

Mural Routes Member: Organisme MU

Dominique Desbiens was asked to create a 1500 square feet mural based on the theme “The convergence of cultures”. The artist chose to express the theme by focusing on what unites us, rather than what sets us apart. The central female figure is a symbol of fertility and the Earth, while the four secondary characters represent the four continents, the four principal cultures: Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe. Important periods in occidental history are illustrated within the circles: the invention of the written word, the fall of the Roman Empire and the discovery of the Americas. For this mural, the artist was greatly influenced by symbolist painters as well as by the iconography and symbolism of ancient cultures or “primitive art”. Karine Fréchette assisted the artist throughout the completion of this mural at Habitations Saint-Georges, a housing complex for elders.

Location: 7255 Rue Lajeunesse, Montréal, QC H2R 3C3, Canada | Get Directions