Joy of Being

Created June 2020. ”Joy of Being” for Rose’s garage. Inspired by activist/writer Alice Walker’s words from ‘“Anything we love can be saved, a writer’s activism’’:
“And what is the result of decolonizing the spirit? It is as if one truly does possess a third eye, and this third eye opens. One begins to see the world from one’s own point of view; to interact with it out of one’s own conscience and heart. One’s own ‘pagan’ Earth spirit. We begin to flow, again, with and into the Universe. And out of this flowing comes the natural activism of wanting to survive, to be happy, to enjoy one another and life, and to laugh. We begin to distinguish between the need, singly, to throw rocks at whatever is oppressing us, and the creative joy that arises when we bring our collective stones of resistance against injustice together. We begin to to see that we must be loved very much by whatever Creation is, to find ourselves on this wonderful Earth. We begin to recognize our sweet, generously appointed place in the make up of the cosmos. We begin to feel glad, and grateful to be here.’’ – Alice Walker, “ The Only Reason you want to Go to Heaven is That You Have Been Driven Out of Your Mind (off your land and Out of Your Lover’s Arms) clear seeing inherited religion and reclaiming the pagan self- 1995 *This is a small excerpt from Alice Walker essay (title just above) and I encourage you to read it in full 🌱

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Artist: Julii McMillan

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: Euclid avenue and College street (south of College, east of Euclid, the alleyway that runs parallel to Euclid) Get Directions