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Photo by Vipushan Ravi

Bee Haven

Artist(s): Elie Saad, Sarah Van Duesen, Curtia Wright, Ben Owens, Conor Belot, Sarah Buckner, and Shy-Anne Lights

Producer: StreetARToronto

Completed: 2014

Found: In the alleyway behind 2714 Danforth Avenue.

Painted by artists Elie Saad, Sarah Van Duesen, and Curtia Wright with help from young Community Centre 55 muralists Ben Owens, Conor Belot, Sarah Buckner and Shy-Anne Lights, Bee Haven shows honeybees at work in the centre‚Äôs largest mural to date. This mural describes the connection between humankind and nature and human beings’ impact on our natural environment.

Created in partnership with Community Centre 55

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Location: 2714 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4C 1L7, Canada | Get Directions

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