Photo by Daisy Wu
Mural that depicts a bright scene of the nook restaurant, with many people walking in, out and around it.
Artist(s): Sarah Collard

A Look at The Nook

Completed: 2011

Artist’s Statement: “Driving north on Sherbrook over the river, past Misericordia Hospital at the first lights you will see the Nook Diner to your right, a restaurant that has been there for years. This popular breakfast stop is a long standing Winnipeg tradition. It has been a great place to get breakfast, lunch or supper and it has been the resting place for many tired nurses, students, patients, or just about anyone seeking a good meal. Mr. and Mrs Parasidis purchased the restaurant over 25 years ago from the Alba twins (Italian brothers) and have made a go of it ever since. Formerly it used to be a Salisbury house and hosted the typical red bar seats which were recently taken out but the booths remained. When Mr. Parasidis retired, his children Bill and Athina took over the business. Athina runs the Nook Diner on Sherbrook while her brother Bill runs the Nook and Cranny on Portage Avenue in St. James. Their parents, of Greek origin, allowed their heritage to shine, through their tasty meals and friendly manner. Everyone who walks through the door is treated like family and is given the royal treatment. According to patrons, they have the friendliest servers in town. Athina considers it her occupation to be cordial to all patrons, whatever their state or demeanour.”

Sponsored by: Winnipeg Foundation, Take Pride Winnipeg!, West Broadway BIZ, Richardson Foundation, Inc.

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: 43 Sherbrook St Winnipeg MB R3C 2B1 Get Directions