Photo by Daisy Wu
A street scene of various shops and restaurants.
Artist(s): Annie Bergen

1156 Main St Mural

Completed: 2004

Artist’s Statement: “This Mural was a good experience! The artwork here was based on the second design I submitted for this wall. The first design, which was rejected, was completely different- a park scene with kids playing soccer and a playground. For my second design I went off in a completely different direction which was influenced by the architectural courses I’m taking. You can see a Greek influence with the caryatids in the left foreground. At the wall, as I gained confidence I started to deviate from my original design and going off my own inspiration and using whatever I felt like painting at the time and whatever colours I wanted to see up there. This is a city of my own design. It’s not really Winnipeg. The only Winnipeg element present in the design is the image of the Golden Boy. Also like Winnipeg, you can see some ‘Murals’ within the Mural! There are lots of patios in Winnipeg, so I included one here. I guess this scene is like my ideal city: there’s no trash, it’s clean, uncluttered, and its buildings have character. There are elements of old and new architecture here. There’s a screen window right in the middle of the wall, so I do the best I could do to incorporate it right into the design and conceal it somewhat. The figures at the centre on their motor scooters were added as a tip-of-the-hat to the client’s business. The clients really seemed to like the wall. They were out there every few hours with food and coffee for me. I was there for about six weeks, but there were a lot of rainy days in that period. I had a chance to meet Winnipeg artist Peter Dumans who was out biking and stopped by to visit. Peter and I had exchanged artwork through a gallery exchange several years ago, but had never actually met in person before. Lots of other people stopped by to visit and offer comments or a friendly greeting. I was a bit shy about it at first as I had never painted outside before. The whole thing really was a great experience for me; and I really hope to have more opportunities to paint more Murals in our city.”

Sponsored by: Neighbourhoods Alive! (Manitoba) and Take Pride Winnipeg!

Where to Find This Mural

Location: 1156 Main St Winnipeg MB R2W 3S6 Get Directions