Donate to Repair the Rainbow Tunnel Mural

We have heard – the Rainbow Tunnel has been tagged. Again! Our gratitude goes to the original artist BC Johnson and local community members for making Mural Routes aware of this.

Mural Routes is working with artist Rob Matejka, who led the restoration of the Rainbow Tunnel in 2012, to address the tagging as soon as possible. Given the time of the year, it will be difficult to use latex paint to cover the tagging, but we will find alternate solutions.

We believe that addressing graffiti tagging early sends a powerful message – the artwork is loved by the community and it’s being taken care of.

Mural Routes has taken responsibility for keeping the Rainbow Tunnel in good condition, with support from the City of Toronto. In the past, we have covered the expenses associated with repairs which come out of our own operating budget. If you can, please consider donating towards the maintenance of the Rainbow Tunnel. The funds raised will be used towards purchasing materials as well as paying the artist, not only this one time, but in the years to come.

Charitable Number: 893873265RR0001

* Please note that Mural Routes will issue a charitable receipt for donations in the amount of $20 and over.