Mural Routes activates communities by facilitating the creation of responsive, collaborative murals, and provides opportunities to build and advance careers in mural art. Our vision is to be a leading resource for all artists, organizations and communities creating mural art.

Mural Projects: Since 1990 Mural Routes has worked with communities and artists to create over 50 murals across Toronto.

Public Art Management: We provide expertise in the development and installation of public wall art projects.

Commissions: We send job opportunities and public art calls to member artists, connecting them with local and international commissions and competitions.

Learning/Mentorship: Since our founding we have trained over 250 mural artists and run 19 National Mural Symposia. In 2016 we brought our education programs together into our Mural Art Learning Institute (MURALI).

Consulting:  Mural Routes offers consultations, presentations, and guidance to help get public art projects off the ground.

Networking: Through our online presence, membership, and MURALI programs, Mural Routes provides a hub where artists and communities can connect and share.

Resources: Our website provides information and links for artists and administrators interested in mural creation. We have produced Mural Production: A Resource Handbook, a History of Mural Art CD, and a wealth of resource materials that are available to the public.