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The Bluffs as viewed by Elizabeth Simcoe c.1793 by Risto Turunen has been a well-loved mural for the local residents in Cliffside and along Kingston Road. After years of admiration, the mural is being taken down, and in order to celebrate what it means to the community, murals prints are going to be available for sale.

12x 38.5 inches unframed

The Bluffs as viewed by Elizabeth Simcoe c.1793
Mural by Risto Turunen, October, 1992
Located at: 2384 Kingston Road West of Midland Avenue, Scarborough

About the mural:
Elizabeth Simcoe, wife of Lieutenant-Governor John Graves Simcoe was so impressed with the sight of the Bluffs as she saw them from a small boat, that she convinced her husband to name the area after a town in England with similar cliffs. She wrote in her diary on August 4, 1793 “…after rowing a mile we came within sight of what is named in the map the highlands of Toronto. The shore is extremely bold and has the appearance of chalk cliffs…we talked of building a summer residence there and calling it Scarborough.”

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ASAP Design and Print, and Focal Point Framing & Art are both familiar with the print and ready/willing to support purchasers’ frames at a good rate. Both businesses are located on Kingston Road in Cliffcrest.

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