A multicoloured mural painted on a wall on a cloudy day.

Sail On and Fare Well

Artist: Lead: Rob Matejka | Assistant: Jaime Bruno

1051 Midland Avenue, Scarborough, ON, Canada

This mural depicts life’s natural cycles and the human journey, incorporating a flow of figures, birds, fish and natural elements swirling within its borders.

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Four images - two images of urban life, two passport-style portraits - lay side by side on a concrete tree planter.

Jameson Avenue Impressions

Artist: Jim Bravo

Jameson Avenue, south of Queen St W

Created by artist Jim Bravo and photographer Kate Young, “Impressions” consists of over 500 photographs installed on tree planters along Jameson Avenue from Queen Street West to Springhurst Avenue in Toronto’s Parkdale community.

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A mural of Canada geese taking flight from a river next to maple and birch trees. The mural is painted on the second floor of a retail plaza.

Shahab Plaza Mural

Artist: Yannick Pickard

1051 Midland Avenue, Scarborough, ON, Canada

This mural was conceived as the companion mural to Sail On and Fair Well (2009).

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A mural depicting a tree and large canopy in front of a setting sun. Two hands meet in front of the tree, with five figures standing to the left of the tree and eight animals of varying species stand to the right.

Hope for Harmony

Artist: Laura Brown, Nayeon Kim, Palwisha Nasir, Daffodil D’Souza

4346 Kingston Road, Scarborough, ON, Canada

The artists’ aim was to create an image representative of the diverse community in Toronto.

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A mural of four dragons, three young and one adult, fire-breathing dragon, painted on a concrete traffic barrier.

Dragon Mural

Artist: Jaime Bruno, Andra Striowski (artist/mentor), Chanel Cummings, Jaime Vieira, Alanna Hargan, Dawn Gooden, Christina Slegtenhorst (Project Manager), Rimple Deol, Tessa Sunnasy, (youth artist)

2705 Eglinton Ave E, Scarborough, ON M1K 2S2, Canada

This dragon-themed mural incorporates imagination, colour and creativity in dramatically changing the appearance of this drab strip plaza.

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