150 Dunn Avenue, Toronto, ON, M6K 2R6

Artists: Mehtap Mertdogan, CL Fisher, Kai Hart Celebration “I mean, you must take living so seriously that even at seventy, for example, you’ll plant olive trees” — “On Living”, Nazim Hikmet Ran “Celebration” was created in collaboration with residents, families and staff of Lakeside Long Term Care Centre and students from Centennial College to commemorate …

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Moose Jaw Canada 150 Mural

On the outside wall of the Moose Jaw Tourism building, 450 Diefenbaker Dr, Moose Jaw, SK S6J 1N2, Canada

As part of the Canada Mosaic 150 Mural project celebrating Canada’s 150 birthday, individual Moose Jaw artists each painted a 4’ x 4’ tile, and it was put together as a tribute to Moose Jaw and the Canadian Snow Birds.

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A mural mosaic made of different coloured tiles on a white background. The words "almons and wine" are written using mosaic tiles, an image of almonds is to the left of the phrase, a glass of wine is to the right.

Almonds and Wine

Artist: Cristina Delago

3090 Bathurst St, North York, ON M6A 2A1, Canada

Ceramic artist Cristina Delago worked for five months using a base of cement panels and a mix of porcelain tiles, glass and handcrafted porcelain pieces to depict frames from Arnie Lipsey’s animated film in the colourful mosaic.

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