What is MURALi

Education, training and mentorship have been a priority for Mural Routes since 2001. In 2016, Mural Routes launched MURALi, the Mural Art Learning Institute; the integration of our past mural art training programs into a cohesive program with four levels. 

The range of MURALi programs provides opportunities for learning, networking and skill-sharing at all levels; from introductory community-based programs and emerging artist career development to professional development workshops and symposia. The Institute brings people with an interest in mural art together, encouraging artists and communities to teach, learn, share, and grow together through mural art.

MURALi is a mobile institute, with programs taking place across Toronto. The programs have been designed as a continuum, but each stands alone. Participants may choose workshops or program that best fit their knowledge-level and needs.

For more information about MURALi, please contact our Program Manager Jenneen Beattie: jenneen@muralroutes.ca

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