What is MURALi

Education, training and mentorship have been a priority for Mural Routes since 2001. In 2016, Mural Routes launched MURALi, the Mural Art Learning Institute; the integration of our past mural art training programs into a cohesive program with four levels. 

The range of MURALi programs provides opportunities for learning, networking and skill-sharing at all levels; from introductory community-based programs and emerging artist career development to professional development workshops and symposia. The Institute brings people with an interest in mural art together, encouraging artists and communities to teach, learn, share, and grow together through mural art.

MURALi is a mobile institute, with programs taking place across Toronto. The programs have been designed as a continuum, but each stands alone. Participants may choose workshops or program that best fit their knowledge-level and needs.

For more information about MURALi, please contact our Program Manager Jenneen Beattie: jenneen@muralroutes.ca

Introduction to Mural Art

Introduction to Mural Art is a free visual art learning program for all ages and abilities. Participants learn basic art, design, and mural-making skills from professional artists, gaining the skills and confidence to participate in public art projects in their communities. Introduction to Mural Art is comprised of six workshops,… Read More

Mural Art Career Development

Mural Art Career Development is an intensive program for emerging mural artists and project managers who have completed some previous training. The 60-hour curriculum encompasses a wide range of relevant topics, from discussions of administrative fundamentals to hands-on practice with various mediums. Participants also benefit from a supportive environment with… Read More

Wall Art Learning Series Workshops

WALS is a series of individual workshops designed to equip emerging and mid-career artists and managers working in wall art, to deepen their understanding of the field of mural art and gain practical skills for career success. There is a fee for this program. Workshops are held throughout the year… Read More

National Mural Symposium

The National Mural Symposium (Canada), is a professional development and networking event for mural artists, administrators and mural producers to teach, learn, share and explore current trends and challenges in the field of mural art. The Symposium is hosted by Mural Routes every second year in the GTA.   Symposium News Read More

Symposium Reports

In keeping with our mission to support and promote mural art, all of our Symposium Reports are available here. Visit our Resources page for additional information. National Mural Symposium Reports14th National Mural Symposium15th National Mural Symposium16th National Mural Symposium17th National Mural Symposium18th National Mural Symposium19th National Mural Symposium20th National Mural… Read More