Photo by Johanna Hill
The 'Keep Going' mural, now with some graffiti painted over it through a number of years of exposure.
Artist(s): Ben Johnstone, Trevor Wheatley

Keep Going

Completed: Novemeber 2020

The ‘Keep Going’ mural is painted in Ben Johnston’s eye-bending and exciting 3-D lettering style. ‘Keep Going’ replaced a previous Ben Johnston mural (‘Toronto – We Don’t Take Naps,’ visible on Johnston’s website) in 2020. Painted a few months into the COVID-19 pandemic, this line of inspiration resonated – and continues to resonate with – residents and passersby, as one can see through Instagram comments and online commentary that surrounds the mural. On a dark blue background, the word ‘keep’ is seen in white block letters, layered over the word ‘going’ in a lighter blue colour. Paler shades of blue and even brighter white indicate the overlapping of the letters, creating an impressive and visually interesting mural on the corner of Spadina and Oxley.


For more information on this mural visit:
Ben Johnstone's Instagram post

Where to Find This Mural

Location: 101 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada Get Directions

Accessibility: Located on the south-facing wall.