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Grandmother Giver

Mural Routes Member(s): Nereo Eugenio

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Inspired by the parable “flight of the hummingbird” grandmother Giver tells the story of a special bird that stuck around to help put out a Forrest fire while all other wildlife fled for safety . The bird would swoop down to the nearest body of water carry a blue droplet on its beak in an attempt to dowse the vicious flames of the dying Forrest . This is a response to our Mother Earth 🌍 has given us plentiful and is a reminder to give back . Transformation begins when we give when we think we cannot . The quilt represents interconnectedness and a weaving of cultures and stories . Inside the quilt you will find hidden figures of whales 🐋 and birds , animal , plant life and faces . It is a representation that nature is alive and has feelings much like people do because we are reflections of the grand creator .

Artist:  Nereo Eugenio

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Where to Find This Mural

Location: Helping Hands building at 111 7th Street: Brandon Manitoba | Get Directions

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