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Mural Routes Member(s): Doras

Artist(s): Doras

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Completed: September 2019

A 40’ x 40’ mural on Atwater Ave in Montreal, QC produced in partnership with Mu and Sylvestre Painchaud et Assoc. September 2019.

Crux. The heart of an issue.
The central point that remains when everything else seems to be resolved or is cleared away.

In rock climbing, the crux is the most difficult part of a climb. It can be anywhere, but is often the first move.

This piece is about acting on empathy and lifting each other up when we can. The crux of being a human being is that there are some obstacles too great to face alone. This is an image about navigating them together.

In this dreamlike environment, I wanted to emphasize that the modern human experience is both a product of our constructed society and our natural ecosystem. It’s important that we see them as intertwined, and aim always to achieve as much balance as we can.

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Location: 740, Atwater avenue, Montreal (Quebec), Canada, H4C 2G9 | Get Directions

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