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Chimères sur Parthenais

Organization: MU

Produced on the walls of the Le Chat des Artistes building, this mural by Roadsworth designates a public space and highlights, in a perennial fashion, the dynamic, the vitality and the creativity of the milieu while embellishing an important artery of the area. Inspired by the work of artist Ed Muybridge, the mural transforms the flat surfaces of the building into a three-dimensional playground to allow an exploration of a cat’s movement. The choice of a cat is both a nod to the name of the building and a symbolic representation of daily life in the neighbourhood. The mural extends itself with elements on the ground and on area walls in order to create a playful route where one can follow the cat on its walk through the area.

The artist was assisted by William Patrick all along the production of the mural.

Location: 2205 Rue Parthenais, Montréal, QC H2K 3T3, Canada | Get Directions